Bproperty CEO Mark Nosworthy addresses a knowledge-sharing session with members of Economic Reporters' Forum at the latter's auditorium in Dhaka recently Courtesy

The conference took place at the Economic Reporters’ Forum (ERF) auditorium in the presence of 71 renowned journalists of the esteemed media of Bangladesh

Bproperty.com, country’s top real estate online marketplace, held a knowledge sharing session with the members of Economic Reporters’ Forum (ERF). 

The conference took place at the Economic Reporters’ Forum (ERF) auditorium in the presence of 71 renowned journalists of the esteemed media of Bangladesh.

The meeting was chaired by ERF Vice President Syed Shahnawaz Karim and General Secretary SM Rashidul Islam was the moderator of the program. 

Sirajul Islam Qadir, bureau chief of Bangladesh, Reuters; former general secretary of ERF Badiul Alam and Ziaur Rahman also spoke at the beginning of the meeting. 

After the speeches of the honorable members of ERF, Mark Nosworthy, chief executive officer (CEO) of Bproperty, took the stage and gave a presentation about the services of Bproperty, and an overview of their journey till date. 

He also provided a clear view on how they operate in Bangladesh and how they maintain the authenticity of the information of properties. The attendees discussed various issues of the real estate sector of the country. 

Later, he responded to the queries of the reporters regarding bproperty.com.

Bproperty CEO Mark Nosworthy said: “We do believe that everyone has the fundamental right to have access to safe and secure home, regardless of whether someone is in low income segment or higher. 

"We try to find the solutions on what people of this country exactly need. We, personally, have worked very hard to collect all the information by walking through the streets of the city so that it can be ensured that consumers, sellers, buyers, tenants, landlords have access to the solutions they need," he said. 

"We want to be the change maker of the lifestyle of the people of Bangladesh. With our services, we will take the real estate business to a new height which will benefit different levels of consumers.”

bproperty.com, owned by the Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG) headquartered in the UAE, launched in 2016 in Bangladesh and currently has over 25,000 properties marketed on its website.

Bproperty is the only full-service real estate online marketplace in Bangladesh, combining an easy to use platform for property searching as well as giving advice face to face, real estate solution to support all real estate stakeholders to make informed decisions in regards to real estate as well as ensuring their objectives - whether it be buying or selling, renting or letting - are met. bproperty.com caters to the needs of those seeking real estate services, with a promise of delivering high-class service and making the house hunting and renting/buying process easier than ever.


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