Bangladesh's first 3D animated web series 'Xd Bros' is set to be released on YouTube by September this year.

Taking the viewers on a hilarious and thrilling journey into the lives of three best friends: Ratul, Ruhan, and Annie, the series will bring a unique blend of comedy, adventure, and relatability. 

The genesis of 'Xd Bros' can be traced back to late 2021 when Ratul Biswas and RTBRuhan, two Bangladeshi creators, started a project inspired by their passion for animated films and their desire to showcase the artistic capabilities of Bangladesh. 

Before 'Xd Bros,' Ratul and RTBRuhan had been actively involved in various projects within the animation industry. Drawing from their passion for 3D graphics, they constantly sought opportunities to expand their knowledge and explore different aspects of the industry. Through research and collaborations, they honed their skills and gathered valuable insights that shaped the development of 'Xd Bros.' 

To ensure the smooth progress of the project, Ratul and RTBRuhan implemented a need-to-know basis, and project codenames as part of their production process. Drawing from international practices, they organised the production into different categories and assembled dedicated teams for each part. 

The Story

'Xd Bros' is a sitcom-style web series that introduces audiences to the daily lives of Ratul, Ruhan, and Annie—three best friends navigating the ups and downs of teenage life. Each character brings a unique personality to the screen. 

Annie shines as the intellectual force of the group, while Ratul adds a mischievous touch, often finding himself entangled in hilarious predicaments. Ruhan, with his technological expertise, inadvertently becomes the target of Ratul's pranks. 

Through humorous incidents and relatable storytelling, the first season of 'Xd Bros' promises an entertaining and engaging viewing experience. 

Raising the bar 

'Xd Bros' represents a milestone achievement for Bangladesh's animation industry. It signifies a departure from traditional animated content and marks the country's foray into 3D animation. 


In their quest to create visually stunning animation, Ratul and RTBRuhan utilised various industry-standard software and tools. Blender and Houdini served as their primary 3D graphics tools, allowing them to bring their characters and the world of 'Xd Bros' to life. 

For enhancing the visual and post-production aspects of the series, software from the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, including Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop, were used. 

Looking at the future 

With the completion of 'Xd Bros,' Ratul and RTBRuhan set their sights on new horizons. Their next goal is to continue pushing the boundaries of creativity by producing even more remarkable content that inspires and captivates audiences. 

They have plans to develop a game based on 'Xd Bros,' aiming to bring a unique and unprecedented gaming experience to Bangladesh.


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