While there were few noteworthy offerings last Eid-ul-Fitr for OTT, this upcoming Eid-ul-Azha, platforms have arranged for a lineup of web-series and films that are sure to entertain.

This Eid marks the OTT debut of two popular faces, Tahsan and Tanjin Tisha, who are aiming to win over audiences. With a mix of action, crime, thrillers, and rib-tickling comedies, get ready to binge-watch this Eid's content while enjoying scrumptious meals.

Golam Mamum (Hoichoi)

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After the success of its predecessor "Buker Moddhye Agun", Hoichoi introduces its spin-off series, "Golam Mamun". Streaming on Hoichoi from June 13, the series centers around fierce ACP Golam Mamun (played by Ziaul Faruq Apurba), as he navigates a gripping murder-mystery that he is entangled in himself.

In the Shihab Shaheen directorial, Sabila Nur and Apurba—a popular TV pair—will be seen together on OTT for the first time. Alongside the dynamic duo, Imtiaz Barshon will also take on an important role.

Golam Mamun, a noted police officer, races against time to clear his name amid a series of brutal murders. The plot plunges into chaos when, in search of an elusive address at midnight, Golam Mamun is ambushed by a mysterious assailant in an eerie apartment. Upon waking, he realises his name is linked to a murder. Did he really commit the crime, or is he being framed? Find out on Thursday.

Baaji (Chorki)

A delicious assortment of OTT projects this Eid

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Chorki's much-awaited web series, "Baaji", features the on-screen reunion of Tahsan and Mithila after a long time. This series also marks Tahsan's debut in the world of OTT, where he plays the role of a cricketer, while Mithila portrays a journalist.

"Earlier, cricketers used to bet their lives on cricket, and now betting rules their lives," the trailer cleverly infers. The web series delves into the lives of cricketers as betting begins to crumble their world. Tahsan plays Abir, a noted cricket player for the Golden Dreams team. Despite his brilliant skills, he continues to underperform in matches. 

His name becomes embroiled in three spot-fixing scandals as he consistently fails to deliver, prompting Mithila's character, a journalist, to investigate the allegations against him and try to unmask his true nature. A murder occurs in their hotel. Is Abir behind it all, or will he rectify his mistakes and prove his love for the sport?

"Baaji" will be available for streaming on Chorki on June 16. Directed by Arifur Rahman, the suspense drama also features Mim Mantasha, Manoj Pramanik, Nazia Haque Orsha, Shahadat Hossain, Partho Sheikh, Tasnuva Tisha, and Abrar Athar, among others.

Poison (Deepto Play)

A delicious assortment of OTT projects this Eid

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The gorgeous Tanjin Tisha makes her OTT debut in Sanjoy Somadder's crime thriller web-film "Poison". Released on June 10, the film revolves around the life of Rupa Mirza (played by Tanjin Tisha).

"Poison" delves into Rupa's life as she achieves stardom and earns awards for her performance, only for her celebration to turn sinister. As the night progresses, secrets and past grievances emerge among the guests, revealing hidden faces and true intentions. The storyline takes a dark turn, exploring themes of greed, old wounds, and rising corpses, making for a gripping narrative

The film features a talented ensemble cast including Abu Hurayra Tanvir, Tiger Robi, Rawnak Ripon, Abdullah Al Sentu, and AK Azad Shetu, among others. 

Female 4 (Bongo)

A delicious assortment of OTT projects this Eid

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Kajal Arefin Ome's "Female 4", which revolves around the residents of Dhaka's Battery Goli, will premiere on the OTT platform Bongo on Eid day, June 17.

Earlier installments of the tele-fiction series used to premiere on television. However, the makers decided to elevate the popular comedy project into a web-film for this release.

The web-film stars Ziaul Hoque Polash, Marzuk Russell, Saraf Ahmed Zibon, Pavel, Shimul Sharma, Shiblu, and Iresh Zaker, among others.

The story revolves around how the world of Battery Goli descends into chaos as a mysterious lady appears, inciting madness and sparking fights between two rival gangs.


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