Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today urged all including the members of Bangladesh Ansar and VDP to stay alert to check militancy, terrorism and drugs in the country alongside working together to build a developed and prosperous country.

“We’ll have to remain always careful to prevent militancy, terrorism and drugs in the country,” she told the 39th National Rally of Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Party (VDP) at its academy in Gazipur in the morning.

The premier also directed Bangladesh Ansar and VDP personnel to work together with hard labour and honesty to keep up the country’s development spree.

“As the biggest force of the country, you’ll have to work unitedly with hard labour to continue advancement of our development … you’ll also have to discharge duties reposed on you with utmost honesty, courage and sincerity,” she said.

Reminding the Ansar and VDP members that peaceful and stable environment is a pre-condition for the country’s overall development, the premier said they are an important partner for maintaining this atmosphere.

On the occasion, the prime minister inspected a spectacular parade of smartly-turned out contingent of Bangladesh Ansar and VDP riding on an open jeep and took salute.

Earlier on her arrival at the parade ground of the academy, the prime minister was received by Minister for Home Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal, Secretary of the Public Security Division under the Home Ministry Mostafa Kamal Uddin, and Director General of Bangladesh Ansar and VDP Major General Kazi Sharif Kaikobad and the Commandant of the academy.

Ministers, the deputy speaker of the Jatiya Sangsad, advisers to the Prime Minister, parliament members, chiefs of the three services, diplomats and high civil and military officials were also present at the function.

Highlighting her government’s various strides for development of the country and changing the lot of the people, the prime minister said her government has taken up the “Ekti Bari Ekti Khamar” programme so that rural people become economically solvent and no land remains fallow.

She said this programme has been renamed as “Amar Bari Amar Khamar” asking the Ansar and VDP members to play a more role in this regard.

“As you’ve a training in this regard, you can play a more important role in the project … I’ve already asked authorities concerned to involve you in it as you can achieve economical solvency through it,” she said.

In this connection, the prime minister said her government has taken massive programmes for socioeconomic development of the country and improving the living standard of the people.

“We’re implementing various social safety net programmes to eliminate poverty from the country,” she said.

Urging all to work with utmost sincerity to retain Bangladesh’s achievements in different sectors, Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh has graduated to a developing country from the least developed one because various pragmatic initiatives of her government.

“We want to develop Bangladesh further and for this, all will have to work with utmost sincerity,” she said.

Praising the role of Ansar and VDP members in maintaining law and order in the country, the prime minister said they have been demonstrating their work skill and success during any crisis and emergency period of the nation.

“You’re working with utmost sincerity in maintaining law and order in different national and social functions and religious festivals as well as checking militancy and narcotics,” she added.

Sheikh Hasina mentioned that 55,000 male and female members of the force are performing their duties in different government and private establishments to save public property and ensure security.

She said the Ansar and VDP members played an important role in holding the last general election in a peaceful manner.

She also said 55 lakh Ansar members, risking their life, presented a free and fair election to the people of the country by guarding over 40,000 polling centres and ensuring security of the voters.

“Five Ansar members died while performing their election duty and I pray for eternal peace of their departed souls,” she said.

The premier also recalled the role of the Ansar and VDP members in resisting the mayhem and violence of the BNP-Jamaat nexus from 2013 to 2015.

“They played a unique role in thwarting the BNP-Jamaat’s fire terrorism, especially ensuring rail’s security and we were able to ensure security of life and property of the people due to their significant role,” she said.

Elaborating her government’s initiatives for the development of the force, Sheikh Hasina said her government is always sincere and sympathetic in solving its problem.


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