If you've watched "The Big Bang Theory", whether the entire series or just some clips, Sheldon Cooper must have captured your attention like no one else. His unique traits set him apart, making him a character worth contemplating. For any "The Big Bang Theory" fan, the curiosity about Sheldon's formative years has likely crossed your mind. "Young Sheldon" serves as an answer to that curiosity, offering a coming-of-age sitcom perfect for those interested in a life filled with knowledge and joy.

Sheldon Cooper in "The Big Bang Theory". Photos: Collected

Set in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the series follows Sheldon Cooper growing up with his family in East Texas. Jim Parsons, who portrays adult Sheldon Cooper on "The Big Bang Theory", narrates the series, creating a link between this spin-off and the original show. The references to future events are another way the series directly connects to the old fanbase.

Even if someone hasn't watched the original series, "Young Sheldon" is a treat on its own. The show sensitively portrays the journey of a gifted child in conservative Texas and how his passion for science guides him to shape his own life from a young age. The true merit of the show lies in giving equal attention to the story arcs of all the characters, from Sheldon's siblings to his parents and grandmother.

The cast does an excellent job, with Iain Armitage shining as young Sheldon. Observing his interviews reveals the skilful restraint he brings to the character, matching Sheldon's fussiness. All the children in the show brilliantly portray their characters, contributing to a well-rounded narrative. The storytelling is concise and engaging, keeping the audience captivated.

"I loved 'Young Sheldon.' I watched it in one breath; legit. I am a slow watcher when it comes to series, especially sitcoms, but I finished six seasons in one week," said Tasnia Maliha, a student at Dhaka University.

Nowshin Ibnat, a student at the Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), is captivated by the show's details. She commented, "One of the best family dramas I've watched; it's not only packed with humorous dialogue but also portrays the acceptance of flaws, avoiding the pursuit of a 'picture-perfect' image. And I believe Missy is the coolest member of the family."

For the original "The Big Bang Theory" crowd, this show completes much of an emotional journey. Iffat Nusaiba, currently studying at Holy Cross College, said, "'Twas a MUST WATCH for the BBT lovers. I mean, if you loved Sheldon there and thought he couldn't be cuter, this show would prove you wrong." Farha Tasneem, a student at Dhaka University, jokes about Sheldon's peculiarities, saying, "Still a prick. But an adorable one now."

"Young Sheldon" is, in its truest essence, a celebration of the quest for knowledge and excellence. The journey showcases the strength of having your family by your side and the beauty of being together despite all differences. It is a show of love and intelligence, encompassing both the intellectual and emotional realms.


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