It may not be possible in Vietnam to raise questions on the political system or have debates on the issue, but this can be done about the economic policies and these are even accepted by the government, said Wahiduddin Mahmud. When it comes to economic policies, there is full freedom to express one's views, within the party, outside and everywhere. When market economy was adopted, the communist parties of these countries took up evaluation systems based on economic performance. While the politics of China and Vietnam may be irksome, their bureaucracy curious, and the western countries are quite the opposite.

According to this economist, countries like Bangladesh can borrow from both models.

Regarding the conflict between the superpowers, Wahiduddin Mahmud said that the present tussle between China and the US is quite different from the Cold War. It is not possible now to be completely isolated. The US and China may have had tariff wars all these days, but they still remain each other's largest trade partners. There was an ideological basis to the Cold War, it was simple. The matter of China and the US is not the same, even though China is trying to expand its model. We need to keep an eye on this. About China, he said it is not possible to ignore the world's second largest economy.

Wahiduddin Mahmud does not mention the word 'Bangladesh' in his writings nowadays. He explains that that many contend, "Do you not see anything good in Bangladesh?" That is why he uses the words "least developed" or "developing country", not Bangladesh.


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