The group art exhibition, titled "Breath", has recently featured 17 core artists and four guest artists from across the country.

The inauguration ceremony of the art exhibition took place at the Art Bangla Foundation Gallery on December 8. The event was graced by special guests Professor Mohammad Eunus, chairperson of Art Bangla Foundation; Professor Azharul Islam Chanchal, Department of Ceramic, Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University; and Md Siddikur Rahaman, deputy director of Account Audit Inspection & Finance, Shanto-Mariam University. The guests extended their gratitude to the organiser, curator, and participating artists for a wonderful presentation. Following the cordial speeches from the guests, the exhibition was underway.

As part of the collective journey, the Art Bangla Foundation gallery has been adorned with colourful paintings by these talented artists, most of which are smaller in size and painted with acrylic colours. Upon entering the gallery, the first painting that caught my eye was "Inner Beauty" by Professor Rashed Sukhon. It almost resembles a face with plants sprouting from it, presenting a surrealistic touch. The artist and organiser of the exhibition, Sultana Putul, has employed bold, deep colours in her paintings, giving off an ethereal vibe. Artist Tania Bari Kanta has depicted sets of beautiful flowers.

Akhinur Rahman Jharna has created a lovely painting featuring handmade fans and flutes, elements from Bengali culture. Md Abdul Matin has painted nature with boats and boatmen, offering glimpses into the rural landscapes of beautiful Bangladesh. Artist and art educator Shameema Akter's "Waiting" possesses an otherworldly quality. Abdul Aziz Mabud has crafted four paintings, each depicting fallen leaves with intricate details. 

The curator of the exhibition, Muhammad Mehedi Hasan, presents "Cave", a piece reminiscent of the ancient cave paintings of Altamira. Artists Saida Sultana Rana and Syed Saber have portrayed adorable birds. Guest artist Masud Chowdhury has captured the familiar scene of boats in rural Bangladesh.

Lubna Habib's paintings speak of the philosophy "Less is more". One of the most realistic paintings is "Laughing" by artist Morsalina Begum, featuring a flower-selling girl with an innocent grin.

"Breath" is like a breath of fresh air, marking the onset of winter in Dhaka city. This open-for-all exhibition will run at the Art Bangla Foundation gallery until December 14, 2023.


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