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Due to current Covid-19 pandemic, Bangladesh has been facing tremendous health and socio-economic impacts, and the most vulnerable groups -- including urban marginalized women and girls -- are facing difficulties in maintaining regular health and hygiene practices.

In this situation, with the support from Procter & Gamble (P&G), CARE Bangladesh have distributed more than 120,000 packs of sanitary napkins among disadvantaged communities affected by Covid-19. Sanitary items were handed over through a simple ceremony in Mohakhali, Dhaka in the presence of senior officials from CARE Bangladesh and P&G on July 6. 

Dr Jahirul Alam Azad, Head of Urban Health, CARE Bangladesh delivered the welcome speech, while Sathwath Ali Bhuiyan, National Head of Sales, International Brands Ltd, Bangladesh was present as guest of honor. Amit Sinha Roy -- Head of Corporate Sales, International Brands Ltd, Bangladesh and Nazmul Islam -- Senior Executive, International Brands Ltd, Bangladesh spoke, and hoped that joined efforts will benefit women and girls in combating the current Covid-19 induced crises. 

Sathwath Ali Bhuiyan, on behalf of Procter & Gamble, handed over the support packages to Dr Ikhtiar Uddin Khandaker, Director, Health Program, CARE Bangladesh. "Women and girls are at the center of CARE’s interventions. Covid-19 is making our lives and livelihood very difficult and challenging. Women and girls from low income families are facing additional challenges to get support in managing their menstrual health, which is leading towards multiple health hazards for them -- now and for the future, too. In this difficult situation, P&G has extended their support and donated sanitary napkins for the poor and vulnerable women and girls. I commend P&G for this outstanding support," said Dr Ikhtiar Uddin Khandaker. He also added that CARE Bangladesh is very active in supporting marginalized women and girls since the beginning of the pandemic, and has been working closely with local government institutions, including city corporation and government health systems. 


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