People walking in knee-deep water as flash floods and rainfall inundated low-lying areas in Sunamganj Dhaka Tribune

Torrential rains and upstream waters inundate low lying areas

At least 145 government schools in Sunamganj have suspended their academic activities as the district went under flood water.

Six days of heavy rain and onrush of upstream waters have flooded several upazilas and the rising water level has inundated the low-lying areas.

Sunamganj Primary Education Officer Md Zillur Rahman said: "Academic activities of 95 primary schools across nine upazilas have been suspended to keep the students safe. The schools will reopen as soon as the flood goes down."

Secondary Education Officer of the district, Md Jahangir Alam, said: "Flood water entered the premises of 50 secondary schools in five upazilas, for which the schools were shut down on Thursday."

The students of the flood-affected areas cannot attend classes as all the classrooms and playgrounds went under water, said Abu Syed, acting education officer of Tahirpur upazila.

Besides, flood water entered many houses and caused much damage, he added.


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