In the realm of entertainment, a new luminary emerges as Golam Kibria Tanvir takes centre stage in the upcoming cinematic spectacle, "Rongona," starring alongside veteran actress Shabnur.

Tanvir's journey in modelling began under the guidance of Mostofa Sarwar Farooki, and since then, there has been no looking back. This tale dates back 18 years. Throughout his extensive career, he has graced the stage in numerous plays and adorned magazines with his modelling prowess.

His venture into television dramas commenced in 2007 with the production "Dadima O Kichu Shalik", directed by Arif Khan.

Presently, Tanvir's focus lies predominantly on web-based films, though he still maintains a presence in the world of dramas. "I aspire to act; I aspire to be an actor. That's where my passion lies. Currently, I'm delving deeper into the realms of web films and cinema," Tanvir expresses.

Recently, he starred alongside the esteemed actress Shabnur in the upcoming movie "Rongona", helmed by Arafat. The actor reflects, "Shabnur is my dream actress, and collaborating with her in a movie is the fulfilment of a long-held aspiration. She's not only my favourite actress but also a significant milestone in my career."

Reflecting on his experience working with Shabnur, Tanvir acknowledges her invaluable support during the filming process. "Initially, I felt a bit apprehensive due to her seniority and immense talent. However, her gracious demeanour made the entire experience smoother," he adds.

He further elaborates, "Shabnur's laughter resonates more beautifully in real life than on screen. Her eloquence captivates me, leaving a lasting impression."

Expressing his aspirations in cinema, Tanvir states, "I've harboured dreams of venturing into movies for quite some time now. I'm gradually but steadily making strides towards that goal."

During the pandemic, he commenced shooting for the movie "Shpnobaji", directed by Raihan Rafi, which unfortunately couldn't be completed due to the prevailing circumstances. Additionally, he completed another film titled "Target", directed by Chandan, awaiting its release.

Looking ahead, Tanvir expresses his desire to delve deeper into web-based films and cinema.

Regarding web series, the actor emphasises the meticulous effort required in this medium, given the higher budgets and audience expectations. "I am deeply intrigued by the possibilities this medium offers," he remarks.

He has also produced a comedy web series titled "Thirty Six Twenty Four" for Chorki, along with a thriller named "Hide n Seek", directed by Himi, both awaiting release.

His debut web series, "Daffodil", garnered significant acclaim, further fueling his passion for the medium.

Recently, he starred in a one-hour drama titled "Bongsho Prodip," alongside the renowned actor Fazlur Rahman Babu. Scheduled to air on May 17, Tanvir believes it will resonate strongly with the audience.

Furthermore, two serial dramas featuring Tanvir are currently airing on different channels. "Dadajan" airs on Machranga Television, while "Octopus" is broadcasted on ATN Bangla. Directed by Al Hazen and Jahidul Mintu respectively, these dramas showcase Tanvir's versatility as an actor.


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